About Us

The hotel that was once couldn’t fit 6 tables now grew into a blooming restaurant and was named Cafe Bin Agil Mombasa. it was a promising & successful move where he mostly received customers from Nairobi & other areas due to his successful inspections on customer retention Hussein A. Agel chose to open a branch at the big city Nairobi. Where he left the Café Bin Agil to his trusted older brother Abdulrahman A. Agel & his wife Mrs Asma Agel Hussein Successfully achieved to open the restaurant here at Nairobi & named it Bin Agil Catering (K) LTD. & become famous for its Swahili Dishes & Indian Dishes, African Dishes & Arab Dishes. Bin Agil was exposed to a successful case of catering where they reached there peak and catered for big Events, Parties, Weddings, Companies & Other Functions.

Restaurant life

About Us

Bin Agil restaurant began its journey in 1989 at Guraya, Mombasa. its history began with fruit selling at a kiosk by one of Bin Agils member known as Hussein A. Agel Later on, he started making fresh juices then came up with an idea and created his own original recipe and named it YekeYeke.

YekeYeke was a mixture of fruit Salad with avocado shake & ice-cream. This recipe was loved by many people Which Attracted the attention of many customers which showed a positive impact on his business. Hussein A. Agel made a second creation known & loved which he named Vancouver. This was a Mixture of YekeYeke scud mixed with chocolate & nuts. This recipe expanded his business to the second level which allowed him to open up a small hotel that fitted only 6 tables.

We are very Grateful to our amazing customers and clients for choosing our brand Bin Agil Catering (K) LTD. Where your satisfaction is our PRIDE. We welcome you all.